Well.. my life hasn’t been fun and games either.. The wanted

Well.. my life hasn’t been fun and games either.. The wanted me to work at the chinese kitchen, but since it’s very hard for me to communicate with them (japanese) I always get the lousy prep jobs, cut cut cut, chop chop chop.. and It’s the second day and I’m kinda trying to get away from it, so everytime someone needs any IT work, i jump at it. I think this kitchen is too.. mmm.. low level for me. I want one where I can actually do something and learn something.

Besides that, I’ve been going to sleep very late, staying online trying to find someone to chat with, but not being very productive in that sense, and also i’ve been waking up early trying to come early to be able to chat with my heroes back in Florida.

Work in the IT here is fun, I get to chat all I want, I get to learn some new things and also I’m very praised for the things I acomplish, overall has been a very good experience working here.

I’m planning this week on going to Tokyo and maybe meeting another guy there, I’ve been chatting with him for some time and he’s a nice guy, and seems like he’s not too ugly, so we’ll see. I hope he’s a better tourist guide than the last one.

There is this HOT guy called natez, he’s from Lowell and he’s extremely hot. So if you hotties out there want a boyfriend who’s smart, gorgeous and romantic, and from what he says gives amazing head. Just leave me a comment and I’ll hook u up with him.