English Version of the letter to my ex..

Mister, I love you !
Mr., (that’s the way we used to call each other)

I wanted to talk with you thru chat, but I think this might be a better way to explain what I feel.
1 Year and 8 months has passed by and today I feel that I love you a lot more than the last day we saw each other. I feel I’ve grown as a person, and I’ve experienced many new things. I still think about you every day, and with every step I take, I feel I would like to share it with you.

I’ve seen things from another perspective, and this month in Japan has helped a lot for me to realize some things that because of fear, and because of stubborness I haven’t seen before, maybe others that because of habit or because I learned them at home I didn’t do.

Mr., I’ve been thinking things throughtly. And I remember 1 month aog you asked me for help with the american visa. I want to help, I want you to be happy. Please, from now on count with me for anything, i love you too much to see you suffering because of nonsense.

I’ve came to realize that’s what I want, that you be happy because that way I will be happy as well. I feel selfish and stupid, not realizing in time that our relationship was beautiful and you loved me a lot, but you left looking to make a living. I understand it today and i imagine it was a very har decision for you as well.

I planned on going back to USA by the end of august, find a job and with INS permit work in usa for a yeart. I would love to share that time together. Mr. many times you asked me for a fresh start, I want to give ourselves that opportunity. I feel that now I am ready to offer you the emotional stability that before I could not, and I ask you for forgiveness because I realize it was bad from my side.

With me working we would not have problems with rent and expenses. And don’t worry about your tuition, i’ll take care of that. I think we could have that you dreamed about, and me cause of being confortable where i was couldn’t offer you, I ask you for forgiveness because I was blind.

Mr., my heart will always be open for you. No need to give me an answer now, just consider what I say and think about it, I will be in japan 2 more months. I would like to know what your plans are. I don’t ask you for anything in return, non commitments with me, although I would like to try it once more, together.

I just have left to say that I love you very muc, and I want you to be part of my life, as a friend, as a lover , as a boyfriend, as a husband, or as distiny decides.

My fears, you know them, to be taken advantage of, to have nothing, to not be loved and also we can include to be in total solitude. But thanks to solitude, I’ve came to realize that if you love someone as much as i love you, it has to be shown, and this time i want to show you my love.

I love you with all my heart,

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