Work.. Play..

Yesterday my boss invited me to go to the premiere of T3. I liked it a lot, I think it rocked, was sad to see the the cutie from T2 (Furlong) was not in this movie, I read somewhere cause of his involvement with drugs and stuff like that. The movie was very nice, I like the T3 series, and this one added a lot to them.

My boss offered yesterday to help me find a job in the states, I think he would love for me to stay here, but I really don’t want to ditch the opportunity to work in USA for one year, and also if LA agrees, then we could not be here, cause he has to go to school, but let’s not count the eggs before the hatch.

I’m happy cause I asked my boss if I could use the hotel facilities, pools and gym, and he agreed, that’s gonna be nice …. I can’t wait till I get a tan.

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