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My best female friend who had been married for 8 years found out a few months ago that her husband was cheating on her, and a marriage that she thought was stable fell apart. Now a few months ago, they are still not back together, and there is still uncertainty in the air that they will ever go back together. She told me that she has grown a lot and also learned a lot about relationships. She has been reading books on self help and about marriage. She commented on this site called Marriage Builders and while I was reading a bit about it, I found a part that made me remember something about , I remember his ex feeling crappy at times, and feeling unhappy, maybe because they argued a lot or maybe because of other problems I’m not sure. But I read I theorized that love might be nothing more than a learned association. If someone were to be present often enough when I was feeling particularly good, the person’s presence in general might be enough to trigger that good feeling — something we have come to know as the feeling of love.

I could not have been more correct in my analysis. By encouraging each spouse to try to do whatever it took to make each other happy, and avoid doing what made each other unhappy, that feeling of love was restored with the very first couple I counseled with my new approach.
and immediately thought about why was with someone else, cause the new relationship was making him happy, of course in a momentary way, like a crush. But maybe just Kumashy learned to associate his relationship with as “unpleasant” and his new relationship was “pleasant”.

Marriage Builders

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