Soo.. today the General Manager invited me to have lunch, an

Soo.. today the General Manager invited me to have lunch, and well.. I am so naive .. I thought he was being nice. I really hate when people are nice just because of some reason. Like when people treat you like shit, but they give you a present of your birthday. FUCK YOU and STUFF THAT PRESENT UP YOUR BUTT. geee.. seems there is a lot of anger trapped inside me.. so well.. back to my story … he invited me to have sushi and started asking me about how I’ve been doing so far, and well.. I was answering about life and socialization and all that silly crap that noone cares to listen to but I still think that people are asking because they care. Well.. he listen to what I was saying and told me some advice about life and about doing things when you are ready and not taking greater challenges than you can acomplish and I totally agree. well… to make the story short he offered me to stay in the hotel for one year. I said I’ll think about it, but I am looking forward to work in USA.

Let’s see my current mood is.. I’m doing fine, and I’m also sad and happy and bitter and calm and electric and sleepy and cranky and hopeful and hopeless and crushed and brokenhearted and horny and dirty and …

Update: My boss has always been nice with me and all. mmm.. I guess sometimes I’m just full of bitterness for no reason, well.. I’m fucked up, what would you expect.