Yep, it’s definite. Tomorrow I get to go to Tokyo. We will be on a meeting at 3 pm to discuss some web related issues. I’m happy I will finally get to go to Tokyo, actually I am very excited.

Sooo.. what’s new with my life you might ask.. Well.. let’s

Sooo.. what’s new with my life you might ask..

Well.. let’s see.. I’ve been reading a little the XY survival guide for gay teens, it’s VERY good and packed with useful information. I think every gay teen should have one. It gives a very solid and not condescending view of many aspects of life.

At work I’ve been finally making hard drive backups of the wireless laptops we’re giving to the guests, so when times comes, i’ll be able to restore dead laptops backup in a second.

Also resseting the OS on another lappy. I need to set up the policies regarding usage of the guest laptops. Tomorrow or friday I might be going to Tokyo for some business meetings with the Hotel web page people.

I still need to learn more about Windows corporate licensing program, although it’s a bunch of crap.

I’m EXTREMELY happy to see that my LOVELY friend (I still love him deeply, just don’t tell him) is feeling somewhat better, and hopefully his nightmare will come to an end soon.