[09:17] Author: hey… i have to tell you about all what happened on the weekend
[09:18] Jon: what??
[09:19] Author: I was invited on saturday night to saito-san’s home, we were talking about food .. and I was telling him last week that i really liked this dish or raw tuna in a bowl marinated in some sauce.. and he knew what i was talking abotu so he invited me to his home ..
[09:19] Author: so we decided to meet in the partking lot at 6pm ..
[09:20] Jon: and???
[09:20] Author: on saturaday i was working on pastries again .. so I helped there some .. and then helped in the main kitchen ..
[09:20] Jon: ok
[09:21] Author: on friday I had commented to my boss about saito-san’s invitation and he had told me that for japanese people that is a VERY big thing .. cause they are very private and don’t invite people to their homes, specially forgeiners (gaijin)
[09:22] Jon: cool!
[09:22] Author: and saito-san had told me that I woudl be the first gaijin to go to his home… so boss told me that i must buy something for them(saito and wife) (of course i had thought about it )
[09:23] Jon: and?
[09:23] Author: so on saturday after work i walk walking to a fancy bakeshop in town ..
[09:23] Author: was*
[09:23] Jon: ok
[09:23] Author: and i see this guy off in the distance, and i though to myself, this guy looks gay ..
[09:24] Jon: mmm *listens*
[09:24] Author: and i keep walking, and when i get closer the guy approaches me .. and starts asking me for some directions..
[09:24] Author: and starts walking and asks me to follow him to a sidestreet..
[09:25] Author: i thought to myself this guy looks weird
[09:26] Jon: haha
[09:26] Author: so he pulls out a piece of paper .. that says “joyful honda”.. and starts talking about he was looking for this and blablah .. and while talking he starts to get closer and closer.. and I was thinking what’s wrong with this guy..
[09:26] Author: so he gets so close that the back of his hand rubs my crotch !..
[09:26] Jon: haha
[09:26] Author: and I was like WOW !.. and i back off..
[09:27] Jon: and?
[09:27] Author: and then he starts talking about nonsense.. and finally says.. because people in japan are weird, i was in this place and i guy offered me money to let him touch me .. what do you think about that ?”
[09:28] Jon: and?
[09:28] Author: even though I was a little bit nervous, i like this kind of situations and get to know weird people .. so I was having fun ..
[09:29] Author: so .. i start talking too and i say “well, if he enjoys doing that and you too i don’t see a problem”….
[09:29] Author: to which he replies “what would happen if someone offereed money to you to let him touch you”..
[09:29] Author: and I said “well, i don’t need the money and I don’t do casual sex”
[09:29] Jon: and
[09:30] Author: and then we kept on talking .. and he asked, and what do you think about two guys.. you know ..
[09:30] Author: and i said “I am gay, so i don’t see any problem with it”
[09:31] Author: “he gasped and said.. wow and you say that so freely ?
[09:31] Jon: (you have to realize you have probably the biggest dick in nearly all of Tokyo) LOL
[09:31] Author: yeah.. of course, I’m proud of it.. and I’ve never had any problems about me being gay ..
[09:31] Author: hehehe..
[09:32] Jon: and?
[09:32] Author: so, we kept on talking for like ten minutes, and he kept on starting at my crotch and asking me “can i touch it ?”” can i see it ? how big is it?
[09:33] Jon: hahahaha!
[09:33] Author: and i kept on telling I’m not interested, and why are you doing this ?.. are you nervous ?.. i was trying to analize his personality 🙂
[09:33] Jon: and?
[09:38] Jon: we are going for dinner, but I want to hear the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:57] Author: sorry !! buzz me when you are back !!
[09:57] Author: I had a visitor !
[10:09] Jon: Hi!
[10:25] Author: Hey !
[10:25] Author: You’re back !
[10:26] Jon: yep…here until 10:00
[10:26] Jon: so, what happened???
[10:28] Author: mmm.. well.. so after a while I just felt i was wasting my time trying to convince him to stop looking to pay for sex, accept his sexuality and get a boyfriend
[10:28] Author: i was telling him, don’t let your hornyness blurr your mind
[10:28] Jon: hahaha…
[10:29] Jon: and what did he say?
[10:30] Author: he was just looking nervous and saying I’m confused..
[10:30] Author: and asking me whether i can stay for 10 more minutes to talk .. but I had to pick up my cake
[10:30] Jon: mmmm…who is confused?????
[10:31] Jon: then what happened?
[10:32] Author: i just left .. hehe..
[10:32] Author: and he yelled thanks. and i bowed
[10:32] Jon: mmm ok : )
[10:32] Author: but I was happy .. I was offered money for sex !
[10:32] Author: YAY !
[10:32] Jon: hahaha…the eternal bower!! LOL
[10:32] Author: i should’ve asking how much was he offering
[10:33] Jon: yep!!! have to set the standard for Japan LOL
[10:33] Author: cause last time, i think i told you, i was chatting with this stupid guy online, who was staying in a hotel in providence, and he offered me $20 if I let him rim me !!
[10:33] Author: CHEAP bastard !
[10:33] Author: *giggles*
[10:33] Author: I hear people charge like $100s for that ..
[10:34] Jon: yep!


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