Last night my boss invited me to dinner again. This time sans the other girl, so it was just him his wife and me. We went to a cool italian restaurant in Narita city, wow.. it’s an amazing city, neon lights everywhere. After that we went to walk in a mall. Everything is amazingly clean. Wow, it’s a nice place, the mall wasn’t huge, but it was very nice. The three of us ended up playing video games at the mall arcade, was a kewl night.

Seems that they both like me, he was very concerned about how I am feeling over here. About if I am enjoying it and how well I am adapting to the place. I get the feeling that maybe he will ask me to stay after a while, but I am not sure. I wanna learn good japanese soooo badly. I’m stuck trying to fix an ISDN modem, and it’s very difficult cause everything is in japanese, so it takes me 4x the time to understand things.

I love it here, I was so amazed at the mall. it’s just that since everything is in a different language, it’s like I didn’t understand anything and I had to learn everything all over again.

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