So well, today i had several meetings with the general manager, and yesterday I met the IT manager. He’s a very cool guy and I’m happy I met him cause I feel I can relate to him.

I was working on making a map of the network and connecting my puter to the network. I wasn’t able to. After a while I saw a screen of one of the servers that do Point of sales for the system they are using here, it’s called fidelio, and it said there was some kind of error.

I knew this was going to be a HUGE problem, cause those servers manage all the phone calls that guests make and some of the charges the hotel does to the accounts. Well.. after maybe 30 minutes people were running around, coming in and out of the room and trying to fix what was wrong. Of course, noone had a clear idea of what’s going on. Neither have I, but I’ve been here only two days. The one who knows how stuff work, was working all night long as a front desk clerk, and of course, when he’s needed to fix what’s broken he’s too tired to be able to do it.

I’m tired. and my back hurts, I’ll tell you why later.

Well, after probably 2 hours of people running around, they rebooted one of the servers, then the next half hour was spent trying to guess the proper password for one of the servers because seems that nobody knew what the password was. My IT manager had told me one of this passwords, and I knew his login, was a long shot but I tried it on the server and it worked. I saved the day.. Wooohoo.. and the General Manager was right in front of me. I saved the company millions !! (well.. not millions, but.. it’s just my 2nd day here)

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