Nice !

I met this girl on the bus to NYC, she was kewl.. I think she liked me.. I was dressed nicely, we talked like we were friends for quite some time, she was a travelling nurse, interesting, she gets to work where there is shortage of nurses, and she gets to choose where she wants to go.

She gave me a book as a present, The Summon by John Grisham.

Soo.. I woke up.. was very tired.. i had problems waking up.

Soo.. I woke up.. was very tired.. i had problems waking up.. the email from japan hadn’t arrived yet. I was a little bummed, didn’t really wanted to go to graduation, but well.. I thought this was going to be a one time opportunity thing, so well, i took a bath.. took the robe and stuff and under the rain and by myself walked to the dunkin donuts center in providence for the 2003 commencement (whatever that means) celebration thing.

There I met Dimitri and Sandra, we played around for a while and I wore the cap and gown. They say .. hey .. there are people needed to carry the flags from the countries being represented at the graduation, so I went in and tried to find the Venezuelan flag, but wasn’t there, meanwhile i kept on looking at the japanese flag, so lonely and so simple standing by herself in a corner, so instead I grabbed that one.. *giggles*.. so among a crowd of like 5000 people i carried the japanese flag, and of course everybody was asking if I was japanese.. Gee.. silly people !! watashi wa Nihonjin desu !!

Our names were read, we walked to the podium shaked the hand of some guy there, and got a nice little booklet thinghy with my name.

Oh.. I graduated Summa Cum Laude. (whatever that means)

So I come back to the dorms at 11:30 am .. and checked the emails, and there it was .. The email from Japan,

> Luis,
> Hope this e – mail finds you well. Your flight has been confirmed to
depart JFK on Monday morning May 26. I realize this is short notice, but
this makes it that more exciting.

So, well.. I had to leave the dorms in 30 minutes and in two days I had to leave the USA for Japan. Decided to take a bus to NYC and stay at a hotel there until my plane leaves.

I’m tired ! 🙂

Ate a grilled shrimp chicken salad. Yumm !.. at least the chicken