Why I get the feeling always that people are pissed off at m

Why I get the feeling always that people are pissed off at me cause I did something wrong. Maybe cause when I was a child, I was always the culprit of everthing back at home. Damn childhood. That’s the ultimate vengeance for putting us in this planet, we, as parents, fuck the brains of our children to make them disfunctional and unhappy.

Thanks god that I’m as gay as a 3 dollar bill !!

YAY ! for gayness !!!

BOOO for ignorance and supidity and nasty son of a KAGFDGDJASGDKSAGHSAGDKJSGIOYPY#&*(^&*

Joey wants me to call him, I’m not very used to be calling p

Joey wants me to call him, I’m not very used to be calling people all the time. It’s my nature, if he expects me to change that he’s very mistaken. Not because I don’t want to (although that’s part of it), but it’s just that I am like that and I don’t care to change.. (gee.. I sound like my first boyfriend) .. … mmm …

Thinking this over.. the only reason why I don’t care to change is because I’m not in love.


My roomate is so annoying. He…

  • Touches me all the time, even though I say “DON’T TOUCH ME”, he keeps on doing it.
  • He’s talking to me all the time, DAMN, I AM BUSY. LEAVE ME ALONE.
  • Asking me all the questions about everything like I was 411.
  • Making noise, and STUPID SOUNDS like whistling, DAMN how I hate people that whislte, I think it’s the most annoying and stupid thing is the world. Whislte = “I am here, see I can invade your brain if I want to” . He’s yelling, and making sounds all the time.. dammit
  • Always leave something floating in the toilet, DAMN.
  • Moves the bathroom carpet from it’s place, EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  • SMOKES in the bathroom, DAMN I’m beggining to HATE smoke smell, I think it’s NASTY and YUCKY.
  • Of course has his BUCKET where he puts his dirty clothes and fills it with water and leaves the DAMN thing in there for a month, of course, it smells PUTRID.
  • Of course he owes me money and makes silly comments every time I fucking ask him to pay, but of course doesn’t pay me shit..
  • and now he expects me to give him all the stuff I’ve bought that I won’t be taking to Japan, HA !!! FUCK YOU !!! I’d rather throw them away.. of course, unless you pay me for them, then you can have them.
  • Ohh yeah.. he has this sponge, he NEVER squeezes is and he leaves it behind the faucet, so every FUCKING DAMN time I FUCKING turn the FUCKING faucet I end up toching the YUCKY DAMN SPONGE.
  • Fuck when I go to sleep, and he sees that I have my eyes closed, he still talks to me … FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I AM FUCKING SLEEPING, LEAVE ME ALONE

let’s see…

yeah.. venting.. 🙂

Feels VERY good ..

, I feel you ..