I don’t understand, what I see is not what I hear. On one side I hear anger and resentment, on the other side I hear a cry for help. But, seems it was not like that always… what is what I can’t see? what part of this I don’t understand? is this even my problem? can I help ?

Of course people hurt each other, it happens all the time. But .. if I get hurt does that gives me the right to hurt others back, specially people whom I say I love. I don’t think so, love for me is one pure thing, LOVE. And love is not about being hurt or hurting, is like mother’s love, LOVING no matter what. No matter what shit is thrown to your face, purely and simply loving with so much energy and so much desire that everybody everywhere will know FOR sure that you love, not because you say it so, but because you feel it with every inch of your body.


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