Swan Point Cemetery

Yesterday Joey and I went to the Swan Point cemetery it wasn’t planned but we were looking for the blackstone park and found the cemetery instead, the day before I’d been talking with Ryan about the purity test and he told me that he had sex in a cemetery before, that kinda made me jealous. hehehe.. So well… it’s not like I had sex in the cemetery, but at least we got to make out.. it was fun !! 🙂

At first we went to the East Side Pockets on Thayer Street to buy some food, and some drinks at CVS cause they are cheaper, and we drove all the way to Swan Point Cemetery. There we parked the car and ate and played with acorns for a while (learned how to whistle with one). After a while we started walking and went to the shore of the lake which i believe is part of the narraganset bay. We played there for a while and started walking, found this awesome bench covered with moss and sat there and talked and hugged and kissed a little. Then we started walking again and went to this secluded point and there we started kissing and rubbing a lot more. Seems like he wanted to do more but I kinda didn’t got the idea clear. It was very sweet, sitting besides a tombstone kissing.

After that we ended up going to a area of the cemetery where they are still developing and it’s all covered with sand dunes, I found there a broken snowboard and started playing with it going down the dunes, was tiresome but sooo nice. Joey didn’t jumped into the sand dunes with me, I could’ve predicted that, it’s okay as long as he lets me.