Today I had a great time. Went with Delia to the doctor in the morning, she wanted to have some tests done. After that went to her place and hanged in there watching the news on cnn (the war), listening to music and doing stuff around.

After I a while I messaged Joey expecting him to come to Providence so we can hang around for a while. After waiting for a while he called and said he was on the way to Providence, and he picked me up. He met Sandra and Delia, and seems like both of them liked him.

After that Joey and I went to the cheesecake factory and I had this amazing caesar salad with crispy fried calamari on top. Yummy. Had a wonderful time chatting with Joey and having fun with him. We paid and went back to the car, and talked and kissed and talked and kissed, and snuggled and rubbed.. Wow.. I was SOOO boned !

After a while we stopped and went into the mall and walked around looking for stuff, which was totally smooth cause he was not hurrying me or I wasn’t hurrying him, everything was at a very nice pace. We went into a bunch of stores and it’s kewl that he’s very talkative and he gets to talk with all the attendants in the stores and they seem to really like him.

After that we went back to the car and kissed and rubbed some more, it feels soooooo kewl and sooooo good to feel liked and enjoyed so much by someone, it’s like for a few seconds I can close my eyes and stop thinking… and just feel, feel the greatness of human contact.. it’s soo kewl … and he’s a wonderful kisser !!!

He had a headache though, so he went back home to watch a movie with his parents…

This is an email I got today from the internship office !! S

This is an email I got today from the internship office !!
Seems like I got the job !

Luis, may I have your response to Jeffrey’s queston. Please send as quickly as possible. I’m leaving my office at 10:15 a.m. and may not be return until late afternoon.

Dear Ms. Brassil,

Thanks for writing, I would like to proceed with working with Mr. Aranguren. I hesitated in confirming anything right now as it seems folks are scared about the SARS. It has not effected Japan, is there any concern on your side?

General Manager
Radisson Hotel Narita Airport
Tokyo – Japan


Went to the movies with joey and saw the movie Spirited Away (線と千尋の神隠し). Was a good movie with lots of japanese kanji in it and lots of interesting stuff from japanese culture. had a nice time and got to talk with Joey, he seemed a lot better.
Also I’m going better too, not too depressed today !…

線と千尋の神隠し -> Sen to chihiro no kamikakushi