Lately my life has changed. What I used to do everyday I hav

Lately my life has changed. What I used to do everyday I have little time for lately. I still need want to do it though. But someone new has entered my life, suddenly he appeared, I was expecting him for a while. He brings new feelings to my life, feelings I haven’t felt in a long time.

Thursday 27th : 2 – 4am

I was chatting on and suddenly a guy messaged me, I tried to look him up in the master channel, but he wasn’t there. Seems that he saw my profile and messaged me.

We chatted for a few minutes, because he wanted to go to sleep. I was tired too, but in those few minutes something between us clicked. I enjoyed talking with him and saw that he was a smart and interesting person.

Friday 28th : 2pm
We chatted again for a while during the afternoon, it was a very nice chat. I was going out with Delia to the mall, so we said goodbye. I thought about calling him since his phone number was on his msn messenger mobile. He was very surprised and asked me how I got the phone number, he was gladly impressed. We talked about chatting after I came back from the mall.

I arrived from the mall and Delia’s roomate had received a call from Joey. I got excited and messaged him thru the msn messenger mobile, a few minutes later he was calling me. He asked me if I wanted to go to Mirabar with him, to which I said a definite yes, although I had to go back to my dorm and get ready.

I went to my dorm room to get ready, got on my tight new red pants with NO underwear and a nice t-shirt and black jacket, and headed to Mirabar. He told me he was going to be at the door at 11 pm, so I arrived there on time, but I looked around and noone was at the door.

I looked around and I saw a guy who fit his photograph and description talking with another guy. But since he had told me he had no friends in Rhode Island, I was wondering who the guy was, and I have to confess I got a little bit aprehensive, cause I thought he might be a liar.

I stalked him for a few minutes and finally after not being able to make him notice me, I decided to approach him. He was resting his arm on the bar, so I went in between him and the guy he was talking to and placed the empty glass of the vodka I was drinking in between them too. And I just stood there, just in the middle, looking directly at his face. It took him a few seconds to realize who I was and the overall expresion on his face was excitement.

I introduced myself and told him that I’ve been there for a while and I’ve been stalking him and wondering who was he talking to, cause I didn’t wanted to interrupt. He told me just a guy he just met and after a while the other guy just left and we started talking about us.

After a while we started dancing and it was fun, and after the second vodka we started dancing a lot closer. I had a HUGE boner the whole time. It was very erotic. It felt like only us were in the dance floor and nothing else mattered, it was a very interesting and exciting experience.

After a couple hours in the bar he asked me if I wanted to go to another place to grab a coffee or something to which I replied “definitely”. It was pouring outside, we ran towards his car, jaywalking in front of a police car, while he was running in front of him i started at his butt for a few seconds. We reached his car breathing heavily and headed for some cafe shop he knew about. When we reached it, he asked me if I wanted to go inside, but I asked him to stay in the car for a while before going in, it was pouring and I wanted to chat with him for a while.

We started talking about a lot of things, about this and that. Plenty of stuff I can’t remember now. I couldn’t stop staring at his face and wanting to kiss him. I was very energetic and felt very attracted to him, for a moment while he was talking I wasn’t listening, I was just thinking “kiss me, kiss me, …”

Finally the first kiss, sent electric shocks throught my whole body. I couldn’t believe what a great kisser he was, we just clicked perfectly on the way we kissed.

Joey’s addendum: Our first kiss was in the bar, I tried to kiss you and you pulled away, but then I just kissed you on the cheek. and then I wanted you to kiss me on the cheek but you said not on the first date. I said “just on the cheek” but you refused. then less than a minute later I guess you reconsidered and leaned in to kiss. so we kissed on the lips. quite nicely at that might I add

We started kissing passionately. I had been with a stiffy for a while now. We kissed for a long time, until I pulled him on top of me, now we were kissing one on top of the other. I was getting hornier and my stiffy was almost bursting out of my pants. I need to feel his warmth against my skin so I pulled up his shirt and mine, that way I could feel his skin against mine, feeling his warmth was throwing me over the edge.

Every movement was bolder than the last one. Rubbing our bodies together, our hands kept going to our chests and bellies, and with each movement the got closer and closer. Finally our pants were open, one laying on top of the other, our cocks pressing together, rubbing, touching, leaking. We were going too fast, too fast for our first date, I kept on thinking, but my body was reacting diferently, I didn’t wanted to stop it i wanted it to flow as smoothly it was been flowing. Suddenly, he was going to go for it, he started licking my tits, and then my chest, and he kept on going lower and lower, I really wanted it to happen, and i felt a brush of his chin on my cock. I shivering with excitement. A brush of his tongue. Finally we went for it, got a hold of my cock and sucked on it, only for a few seconds, then he changed his mind, kissed me again, and changed to the driver seat and turned on the car. We had crossed the limits of the first date.