Co-Op Opportunity

It’s been a tough couple of weeks, I haven’t been feeling at my best, but I just woke up with more hope and with a better mood.

I had good news to share. A few weeks ago I went to an OPT (Optional Practical training, 1 year of work training that international students might apply to do) meeting in there I met this nice lady, she is from the Co-op (paid internships) office, when I first met her, I briefly told her about my plans and the fact that I was studying japanese, and I would like to go to Japan for my Co-op or maybe after my OPT.She was very excited about the idea and I happened to meet her a couple hours later where she told me that she was actively searching for my international opportunity.

A fews weeks passed and a couple of days ago I met her again by chance and briefly told her that I’ve sent my application for the Co-op a few weeks ago and it hasn’t been reviewed yet. I waited a couple of days and went to visit her, and she told me about this opportunity for working at the IT department of the Radisson hotel in Tokyo, I think it’s the Radisson Hotel Narita Airport 「ラディソンホテル成田エアポート」. I’m pretty excited about it.

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