Inmensely loved boyfriend, I am writing you this letter ton

Inmensely loved boyfriend,

I am writing you this letter tonight because I miss you very much. I wish you were here right now cuddled at my side and horsing around. I now know I have to cherish every minute you will be with me, because if you’re ever not at my side I will be engulfed in sorrow. All this love I have inside is for you, just come here and take it, it’ll be waiting.

I want to say that you are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. You presence brings peace to my heart, and you smile bring warmth to my soul. I became the luckiest person in the world the day I met you, and I thank god everyday because if it wasn’t for the past you wouldn’t be.

You are wonderful, your lips are so beutiful and soft, your skin is tender and gentle, your eyes with so much deepness and that beautiful color. When you hug me I feel protected and loved, it feels like for us nothing else matter. Although we live our own lives and enjoy our own things, together we spend the most amazing quality time, when we are together we know we’re first.

Touching you makes me go someplace I’ve never been before, makes me feel like if we were just one, makes me want cry, tears of joy. Tears of confusion, a confusion that just makes me wonder, how can I love you so much?