I went to the “mind doctor” today, among the several things

I went to the “mind doctor” today, among the several things we talked about was Luis Antonio. I was impressed when she noticed how my expression changed when we started talking about him, he eagerly expressed that I might need to express my feelings towards him. Although I know that I will not get much feedback from him I might do that the next time he talks to me. She also made me somehow unconfortable when we were talking about my parents, and also the way I tend to escape from people, like when I went to Newport a few days ago.

My ear infection is getting better. At least under the Ibopufren it doesn’t hurt any more. I haven’t worked hard enough on my homework, I feel like I’m falling behind on some assignments I have due to wednesday and thursday.

Lately I’ve been really into anthropomorphic, especially felines. I never knew that I liked them so much, I even won an auction for my beautiful Maneki Neko ( 招き猫 ).I’ll post a picture somewhere to share it with the world.

This guy from NYC is kinda nice… cupid is his nick… supposedly he lives on the 72nd W. street in Manhattan.

I’ve been looking at several sites that includes pictures like foxxfire for example. It’s always soo cool to find new things that are so interesting and you never were aware they existed.