12:01 PM A few days has passed since I last wrote here, thin

12:01 PM
A few days has passed since I last wrote here, things have been going good enough, although last week there were few days when things didn’t went as good as I would have liked them to be.

On Friday I went to Newport by myself, a beautiful harbour city, there were boats and yatches everywhere. I rented a moped and drive around for 3 hours all around the city. First time I’ve driven a motorcycle so much. I enjoyed the experience very much, It felt free and again like that Luis that can do everything he wants by himself. I bought clothes at GAP, I bought a present for my roomate, I ate a wonderful pastrami with melted mozzarella sandwich at a nice deli.

4:00 PM
For the last couple of days I’ve been talking a lot with Kumashy, he’s ‘s boyfriend. A very nice guy indeed, he seems to love Antonio very much. It’s very weird when I can see a relationship from the outside, and I can see somehow how they talk about each other, and it’s so nice to see that they love each other soo much. But also it’s hard to see how they don’t quite trust each other 100%, and they don’t realize both of them are on the same boat and that both of them want to love fully…

8:00 PM
I think somehow Antonio is making some of the mistakes I’ve made in the past, not to say that noone makes mistakes, we’re not perfect. But he still, like me, doesn’t know very well how to manage his time, and ends up spending too much time on other things. I do regret spending too much time in front of the computer when I could’ve been loving and kissing my ex boyfriend.

Also I think like exactly as for me things have been too easy for , he has been quite pampered all his live and has not fully realized that whatever he does right now for himself, is the path he will be constructing for his future.