What else?

Today I woke up at 8 am, had breakfast and went to the DUCK TOUR. This is a tour around providence that is done in a bus/boat. A part of it is done in land and another part on the water. It was a fun way of riding around Providence and getting to know a little bit more our surroundings.

I’m getting to be good friends with all the new hispanic people that joined J&W.

I finally chatted with , although at first he said awful things, cause I haven’t emailed him since I got here, and also he was worried that he hasn’t talked with his boyfriend in a few days. But finally his boyfriend arrived and I guess that everything changed.. He felt better. I wonder if he’s too deep in love, although that is VERY cool, it’s a very dangerous situation. It’s nice that he’s loved back.

There is always people around. It’s very cool, although my time is very limited, I start chatting with people and I leave them there hanging. It’s very hard for me to focus on chatting when there are people everywhere.

I’m feeling I haven’t had enough time to communicate with my friends in Caracas, I have chatted with some of them, but I’ve been really busy, and socializing is very important to me. I feel tired already.

Tomorrow I start clases, I need to focus on my clases and on getting a good routine that includes studying, the gym, and of course school.

I need to worry less.. and have more fun

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