Stuck in the mud!

weird day yesterday. I finally bought my new aminoacids, it’s one of those bottles of aminos for weigth training. I bought this one because it includes all the aminos that i could have deficiency and also it’s a mixture made for bodybuilding so I’m killing two birds with one stone. Treating depression (amino deficiency “Phenilalanine and Thyrosine”) and helping my body grow.

After I came home from the gym, people started asking me to do things. Belen wanted to play Warcraft, Luis Luis wanted to go out because he was bored, José Luis wanted me to with me to shop for new eyewear, Enrique called me and wanted to talk with me on the phone and finally Christian called and needed a big favour. Needless to say I got mixed feelings about it all, I wanted to help/be with everybody but I couldn’t so I got pissed off and didn’t knew what to do. I ended up picking up José Luis and Chrisitian and taking the latter to some guy’s home in a neighborhood kinda far away “La Lagunita”. The guy we went and visited was very nice and asked us to come inside and have some drinks. I drank a couple of vodkas and I was kinda feeling happy already. After a while we left, and I was driving. I decided to take a different way than the one we came from. After driving for a while and making fun that I was kinda drunk we found that the road was blocked because some big construction was in the way. I was turning around when one of the wheels of my truck fell in an open drain. Since the floor was wet because it had rained and there were mud all over I thought we were stuck, I tried to drive out of it once and I decided we were stuck. The fun thing about it is that I wasn’t concerned at all, I was smiling and happy all the time, I wasn’t worried at all. It crossed my mind about the pain of finding a tow truck and stuff but I didn’t cared too much. After being stuck for around 10 minutes or so, and Christian and José Luis trying to find ways to get the wheel out of the drain. Christian used the jack to raise the wheel a bit and asked me to backup. The car came out very easily. I was extremely hyper, and started talking and talking about everything went fine and I was happy to have friends who worked problems out. We left that place. After driving for a while I had this police car behind me when my car turned off by itself, it’s something that has been happening to it from time to time, but this time it wouldn’t turn back on. The police car stopped and had a flashlight and with it we were trying to find what happened, at first we thought we had ran out of gas, but soon we realized it wasn’t that. Then Christian thought about maybe it was something with the coil. I realized the cable from the coil was loose, i connected it again, turned the car on, and everything worked out easily. Still I was happy and dandy the whole time.

After that I took Christian home and I went to have dinner with José Luis. Weird day as I said. But the best part of it was my mood.