Johnson & Wales University

4:00 PM
Dear Luis:

I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance to Johnson & Wales University.
We are preparing your I-20 today and will send it to you via DHL. We still
have not received your TOEFL results. So, your I-20 will say that you are
not yet proficient in English. However, once we receive the TOEFL results,
we will change your major from English as a Second Language to Information


Ms. Judy Matafome
Admissions Counselor
Johnson & Wales University
5:30 PM
Well finally I got the letter of acceptance, at first I was completely sure I was going to be accepted, but as time passed by and I got more and more anxious, I started doubting. Finally I got what I wanted.

My reaction when I read the letter wasn’t as I expected, or sadly it was as I’ve been always, not many emotions ran thru my brain, very cold. Then I got pissed of at TOEFL and at my bank for the problems I’ve had with being able to pay TOEFL to make them send the grades to Johnson & Wales. After a while I felt sad, on the verge of tears. I can’t explain why, cause I don’t know. That link, that is obvious, between actions/events and emotions seems a little hazy. Someone told me that maybe you are scared… I don’t know for sure.. but what i know that is on my mind all the time is Luis Antonio… but I don’t know for sure why am I sad.. someone asked me wasn’t this what you wanted ?.. yeah, I want to go, I am sure I want to go.

I don’t know myself, I’m not sure of my emotions. I’ve been reading more about Providence and Johnson & Wales, and I’m reasurring myself that I want to go. Yup, i’m totally sure I want to go. I’m smiling. Although it doesn’t show. I’m smiling inside.

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