This is a backdate post, referring to the day I went out to

This is a backdate post, referring to the day I went out to The Flower (disco) with Luis Antonio’s little brother again, his girlfriend and a female friend. It was nice, but at the end we weren’t able to go in the disco because they were underage. We ended up going to Buddha Tronic and staying there for a while and after that we took them home and Luis Luis and me went to The Flower again. We danced for a while but we got bored early, and we ended up going home at around 5:30 or so.

New day, new wierd day. When I finally woke up, at 2pm or

New day, new wierd day.

When I finally woke up, at 2pm or so, I ended up talking on the phone for hours with Kumashy, ‘s boyfriend. We had a very nice conversation, that lasted for hours, we ended up talking about mostly everything, his relationship, my past and his, and lost of other things. He was very thoughful and insightful and seemed like a down to earth person that I am sure that will bring important and needed things to ‘s life. I can finally say that I am happy they are boyfriends, because now that I know him, I’m sure he was a very good choice.

Today I didn’t wanted to go out with anyone, but finally José Luis managed to get me invited to go to have lunch, and well, we ended up eating a ton of food in a café in Las Mercedes. The meal was nice. After that we went to buy some office supplies that he needed, and when we were done I gave hiim a ride to a friend’s house. When we arrived, he asked me to come in, and he had it planned, he gave me like a ton of presents, everything japanese, a course guide, posters, magazines and even pencils and a work book.

After that we started talking and he told me many things, among them he told me about how much he loved me and how important I was for him. He even gave me another present, he gave me his watch (I took it with me when I went to Mexico, and it served me very much while I was there), he was extremely special with me and showed me how much he cared about me.

We talked about the things that are bothering him in his life, and about friendship, love, cause and effect.

I hope he ended up feeling much better, I did, he made me feel loved and cared about. He’s a very nice guy, very caring and loving, someone who’s been hurt and values friendship.