Yesterday was Luis Luis’ (Luis Antonio’s little brother) b-d

Yesterday was Luis Luis’ (Luis Antonio’s little brother) b-day so I decided invite him to go out somewhere, after a complicated nigth of going to several differente places and not going in because of one reason or another we ended up going to The Flower. This is a place that has Techno music and a younger crowd. We danced until 5:30 am, drank red bull and a couple of beers. All in all was a nice night, and I am happy that he got to go out to a disco for the first time after being 18.

Luis Antonio’s image came to my mind several times last time, but I managed not to say his name once during the whole nigth. Sometimes I almost got relieved he wasn’t there, because that way there was noone I will have to worry about.

Phone has been ringing the whole day, I don’t feel like answering because I know it’s someone who wants to go out somewhere, and I just want to play neverwinter nights.

Last night I had this weird nightmare, my mom decided to go away and live somewhere else just before I had to go and start school. So I was left to take care of the house. She took my SUV and she was driving wildly making u-turns with the brakes locked. Going abroad to study, at this moment, is a huge decision for me, but I haven’t considered not going. I know I need to.