Magical !

I had a magical conversation. This guy from Miami started to talk with me throught ICQ and I found out he has been in the same relationship for 30 years, coming from gay people this is something extremely hard to come by, but I’ve realized that it can happen, and I’ve seen it a few times already. Even though it’s dependent on others, I’m quite sure that this is one of the goals I have in my life. To love and be loved, by one special person who will together share our lives.

LJ Friends

I wonder, where can I get some LJ friends? well.. maybe it’s just a matter of narcisism, I write my diary for myself, and I don’t want anyone that treats me on a day to day basis to know about it, because then I will end up not being true to my journal and that will be counterproductive, but still I want some people to read about it, and maybe post a comment from time to time. I need to be charming, I need to be fun, I need to make some LJ friends.

As my weekly “I miss Luis Antonio day” passed by I felt extr

As my weekly “I miss Luis Antonio day” passed by I felt extremely sad. Although I spent most of the day at Belen’s place, cooking, drinking, playing computer games, talking and just hanging I just felt, even though I don’t want to say this, somehow empty, and I know it’s not because he’s not here, because the problem is not him, the problem is me. It’s basically how I look at things.

As always I had a great time ay Belen’s, and as always I wasn’t there while being there. Fuck.. I’m so fucked up..