It’s weird that it took me so long to realize that depression has been with me since childhood. Even though distintively I remember that I lost my “smile” long time ago, I never related this to being depressed. Ignorance is the worst enemy. While I was abroad in Mexico I was really looking forward to fight back, but since I came back to Caracas, again I feel sucked by the void.

I’ve had the strength to make some plans, and to realize that I need to get away from this environment as soon as possible. I need to get out of all this, and I need to finish college, definetely. College is something I’ve always wanted to finish, but due to many circumstances depression among them, I wasn’t able. About going away, it’s something that i’ve never considred of vital importance, until Mexico when I realized that, even though I still had to cope the things that take me down, I knew I can fight back, but I need a better environment to be able to accumulate enough strength.

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